just lime, no coconut

Today was pretty much the first day of summertime temps in our part of Northern California–about 85 degrees this afternoon(!!!), and still plenty hot this evening until the sun went down. A few minutes ago, my #bgnow was 51 mg/dl. Between my low BG and the heat, that meant it was time for my favorite summer treat: Trader Joe’s Frozen Lime Fruit Floes!

A not-very-helpful endo and similarly not-very-useful dietician who I saw a few times last summer tried to get me to quit the amazing frozen lime floes. Saying things like “You’ve got to stop eating these–they do nothing for you” is a truly wonderful way to send me straight to the store and clear out the case of all such product. Not so much with the successful there, medical folks. When it’s crazy hot and sunny, too hot for me to think or care about what the meter’s reading, and something cold and tasty with a label that says just 16 carbs per floe is sitting in front of me, I’m not going to be substituting celery stalks. That’s for sure.

In the last year, however, I have learned that it doesn’t work out well if I just hork down several of these in one sweaty sitting. Or if I enjoy one but forget to bolus (or choose not to) because you know, 16 is barely any carbs when you compare it to the ginormous frozen cupcake I COULD be eating, right? Sometimes it doesn’t even work out well if my BG is around 150 mg/dl, AND I carb count AND bolus beforehand. So no thanks to last summer’s endo/dietician team, but I have learned that these gorgeous examples of lime heaven can affect me, and I need to try to manage that if I’m going to partake in these lovely things.

So I eat them when I’m lower, low, or really low and it’s super hot. To get really precise, I love to have one if I’m 100 mg/dl or lower and it’s 80 degrees or higher; I can usually deal pretty well then. But there is no specific number to express how much I love them–all I can say is YUM, and point you to the nearest Trader Joe’s to get your own to enjoy!

These floes are a beautiful thing! Sweet but not overly sweet, solid but not rock hard, frosty and pretty light green, and just the right amount of lime…yum. yum. yum.

Of course, I didn’t have a CGM last summer, so I couldn’t see exactly what the floes were doing.  Now I use a CGM, and Dex is currently completely spazzing out at 189, but when I just tested again, BG was 109 mg/dl. Sigh. Looks like the floes and I have some more experimenting to do this summer. At least we’ll have a good time gathering the data to do the analyses…

One Response to just lime, no coconut

  1. Lauren says:

    I love how you have a method to eating your favorite ice cream! It made me laugh because I totally do that too! It’s nice to know I’m not the only crazy one! lol

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