ekphrasis (#HAWMC day 5)

First of all, let me just say that the word “ekphrasis” rocks. It sounds lovely rolling off the tongue, and I love what it means, as well.

The photo I saw at flickr.com/explore is of waves crashing on the shore of Lake Hawea, New Zealand. There are glossy big rocks and tons of small gravelly rocks where the water hits the shore. Big craggy cliffs line the far side of the lake, with yummy rosy clouds overhead.

My diabetes feels like waves swooshed into action by crazy wind, crashing into the shore. Once in a while, when the water is perfectly calm, my blood sugar stays calm, too…not too high, not too low. But natural life forces being what they are and doing what they do, the winds whip up the water into a frenzy again…storms come…and the waves crash, consistently, into the shore. The rocks get worn down by the water, as I get worn by trying to keep “control” of an uncontrollable situation. But they are still solid, and strong, and so am I.

Go to the Flickr page to see this gorgeous photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zarphag/7041432401/. (I can’t figure out how to get the actual photo to show up in this post, so go there to see it and enjoy!)

This post is for wego Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, Day 5. Ekphrasis Post: Go to flickr.com/explore and write a post inspired by the image. Can you link it to your health focus? Don’t forget to post the image.

One Response to ekphrasis (#HAWMC day 5)

  1. Sara says:

    Wow! That is an amazing photo and a great description of life with diabetes.

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