a dream day without d: #hawmc day 14

Well, let’s start right off the bat with the fact that my ideal day would be one minus my dumb pancreas not working. There. All fixed. Now to get on with the rest of it…

My dream day would start whenever I woke up after having slept as long as I needed to. Probably around 9am. Because my normal wakeup time, 6:30am, is just too damn early.

My feet would work perfectly instead of cramping and straining and hurting all the time, so I could go for a run first thing after waking up. I’d listen to my running playlist and just go. The day would be perfect spring/summer or summer/fall, sunny but not too hot, clear, no wind. Those who know me know that there would be no humidity. None.

After not rushing to get ready and not having to rush anyone ELSE to get ready, there would be brunch. Either at one of my favorite brunch spots in San Francisco (Ella’s, Brenda’s French Soul Food, Magic Flute, or the Beach Chalet), or Kitchenette Uptown in NYC, or Cateye Cafe in Bozeman MT, or Food for Thought in Missoula MT. Or maybe at some new incredibly awesome brunch spot that I haven’t found yet.

Since this is my ideal day, I’m going to be able to spend it in as many time zones and with as many loved ones as possible. So. After brunch would be walking or hiking. Possible spots: Glacier National Park, Land’s End and Baker and Stinson and Ocean Beaches, Marin Headlands, Central Park, Sonoma, or my own present-day neighborhood. OR DISNEYLAND!!!

An afternoon matinée? Yes, please. On Broadway, with all of the original Broadway casts: Wicked, Rent, Avenue Q, Book of Mormon, Once, or an extended afternoon with ALL of them, one right after the other! That would be a perfect dream.

Browsing in a real neighborhood bookstore comes next…not looking for anything in particular, finding all kinds of worthy gems, sitting on the floor and reading a whole bunch of one and then putting it back and finding another. I haven’t done that in forever.

Even though I usually am pounding the diet coke, having a latte or mocha at an independent neighborhood coffeehouse is definitely on the list. Then meandering through cute, fun neighborhoods in the light and coolness of the early evening, window shopping and real shopping as appropriate.

CUPCAKES, of course. No question.

Since it’s my dream, I will also be able to hear several of my favorite musical acts in concert at my favorite locations, traveling through time and space all in one evening: Storyhill at the Emerson Cultural Center in Bozeman. Indigo Girls at Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Dixie Chicks at Wolf Trap in Virginia. Shawn Colvin, Emmylou Harris, and Patty Griffin at Yoshi’s or the Greek Amphitheatre at UC Berkeley. Oh, the love…I’m in a blissful state just thinking about it.

I wouldn’t have to eat any time I didn’t want to, which is awesome, but if dinner or late night nomnoms were wanted, we’d do that too. And I wouldn’t have to test or bolus or worry or think about any of it. I also wouldn’t have to carry any juice or glucose tabs!!!

The end of the day/night would wrap up with a 90-minute massage with one of my favorite massage therapists who can wring the living daylights out of my messed up concrete shoulders and back and feet and hands…on this day, I wouldn’t need any of it but I’d still get it done, and love it.

None of this would be any fun without my partner in life and a myriad of crimes, A. She and I would be joined throughout the day by our daughter, Ms. Diva; my BFF; and other loved ones.

I have actually done many of the different parts of this day, and that’s how I know what would make it ideal. Music, books, the outdoors, good food and my favorite people are what make me happy. I haven’t had this day in exactly this way, seeing as how I’d have to be present in multiple locations at the exact same time, and while I might have some supershero powers, I haven’t figured THAT out yet. But it’s a good dream day. An excellent dream day, in fact.

With that, I’m off to dreamland. Sweet, bolusworthy dreams…

This is the Day 14 post for wego Health Activist Writer’s Month ChallengeMy Dream Day. Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

2 Responses to a dream day without d: #hawmc day 14

  1. MelissaBL says:

    Yes. Hang out. Yes. Yes!

  2. Janet K says:

    exactly – a fantasy dream day indeed. I like starting off without diabetes!

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