cloud with a chance of type 1 #hawmc day 30

I love the word wordle!

Here’s the thing: I LOVE that the 2 biggest words in this cloud are “talking” and “diabetes,” or in my mind, “talking diabetes.” #BAMthereitis (and why is THAT not in the cloud? It totally should be! oh, it would be if I did a smartDpants twitterfeed cloud. okay, enough talking to myself.)

I’m going to do more of these in the days to come, but this one is perfect for today. Love.

wego health writer’s month challenge, Day 30: Word Cloud. Make a word cloud or tree with a list of words that come to mind when you think about your blog, health, or interests. Use a thesaurus to make the branches of your “tree” extend further.

leave me some comment-love right here!

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