time to get back on that d-log

Ehhhhh…I kind of quit entering all kinds of diabetes data into my extra-special-amazing excel spreadsheet/digital d-logbook from Kevin at paranthetic (diabetic) last week. I’ve been slacking for several days now. I feel like a major part of my life is missing. Yet at the same time, I’m enjoying the break.

AND my BG has been higher the last few days, as it usually does when I’m not logging and paying attention and looking at trends and making behavior changes in line with the data.

Sigh. How I wish it didn’t take those extra 15-30-45-plus minutes every night to enter all my numbers into the sheet. BGs. Basals. Boluses. Carbs. Of course it would be easier if I did it every day or evening, sure. But then a few days add up. And a few more. And it feels overwhelming. And too easy not to do it

BUT it’s such a help to my d-management. I can hold myself accountable, and not hide behind halfassed excuses and denials, when I look at those gorgeous trend lines (thank you and love it so much, Kevin!!) that are gorgeous even when they look like Rocky Mountains, because they help me know what to address with my decisions.

Okay, I’ve talked myself back into it. Going to start a new week’s spreadsheet. Right. Now. How about you? If you want a copy of this wonderful piece of excel, email Kevin and ask for one! Hope you like it as much as I do! 🙂 Happy logging!!

One Response to time to get back on that d-log

  1. Janet K says:

    You’ve reminded me that I haven’t been downloading data from my pump lately – I should do that tonight. It definitely helps!

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