about me

My life with type 1 diabetes began on a rather unlucky diagnosis date (Friday, June 13, 1980) when I was seven years old. Back then diabetes technology involved peeing in cups, measuring drops of urine and water into test tubes with chemicals that turned colors according to how much sugar was in there, and giving 2 injections a day of NPH and regular.

I went to diabetes camp for seven years when I was a kid. That was the best week of my entire summer, each of those summers. I wish there were a diabetes camp for adults. I’d be first in line to register.

Now I use an Animas Ping insulin pump, One Touch Ping blood glucose meter, Dexcom Seven Plus continuous glucose monitor, novolog, carb counting, and a whole lot of support from my family, friends, and the DOC (diabetes online community) in order to keep it all together. Most days it still doesn’t all stay together, but I’m trying. And no matter what, I still have plenty to say about it.

A few other tidbits about me: I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show), cheese, big furry dogs, intelligent people who don’t take themselves too seriously, miso soup, talking, Target, singer/songwriters, cold grasshopper cookies, diet coke, reading, and finding an extra bottle of test strips when I think I’m out of them.

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