dinner invites #hawmc day 19

April 19, 2012

People with diabetes are amazing dinner guests. We always know, or can check on calorieking.com or some mobile app, how many carbohydrates are in any food and beverage. We will bring, among other yummy items, the essentials: diet coke (or pepsi), cupcakes, bacon, holiday candy, and/or brownies. And we’ll mesmerize dogs, cats, babies, and toddlers with potential assortments of buzzes, rings, beeps, and psssts from various diabetes technology acting and interacting throughout the meal.

I would so love to have dinner with good girlfriends from Camp Diamont, the camp for kids with diabetes in Montana that I attended the last week in July every summer when I was 8-14. Amy Jo, my BFF from my first year and all the years after; Melanie, the girl who I was convinced hated me until we were counselors together and I found out what a badass person, librarian, and friend she is; Heidi, the “cool girl” who let me live with her years later when I did a summer internship in Seattle; Jodie, the fun, sweet, awesome girl from my hometown who later became the program director at Diamont; and Erika, the sweetheart from a small town north of my hometown who (I found out 20+ years later on Facebook) grew up with one of my besties in high school.

I would also love to have dinner with a few campers who have a special place in my heart, from my older years as a camper, and then from my years as a junior counselor and counselor: Jami, Kim, Kristy, Justine, and Mark. I actually got to see both Kim and Mark last summer, and have meant to blog about it ever since. It’s on my list. Seeing each of them last summer was a majorly major highlight. It was as if no time had passed–yet there we were, all grown up and such.

Then there’s the dinner with 5 of my good friends from when I was a counselor for several years at Camp Diamont: Bill (amazing camp director), Cathy (Type Awesome), and Mark, Melanie, Jodie, and Heidi (see above–we were counselors together too!). Being a counselor at the camp that meant so incredibly much to me as a kid with type 1 was such an indescribable experience. As a kid, it was such a relief and a joy to hang out with 100+ other kids and normalize all the mess that is type 1 diabetes. As a counselor, it was that same kind of relief and joy, as well as an honor and privilege, to get to hang out and perhaps mentor or role model for ones younger than me. I loved it. It gave me hope, for them as well as for me.

Sigh. I’m feeling really happy after writing and thinking about getting to have dinner with all of these wonderful d-peeps. Love to you all, Diamont campers and counselors from 1981-1988 and 1990-1995. Best. Times. EVER.

I’ll bring the diet coke and the cupcakes.

This prompt is for Day 19 of wego Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge: 5 Dinner Guests. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?

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