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May 14, 2012

Wow. I didn’t think this would be very hard, and yet it totally is. I can think of a zillion things with diabetes that I could stand to improve (I guess some of that’s for tomorrow’s post). But one thing I do really well?


This is silly, but I seriously couldn’t think of one thing to put down here. So I turned to A. next to me on the couch.

I asked, “Honey, can you think of one thing I do really well with my diabetes?”

Without skipping a beat or looking up from her laptop, she said “You test like a FIEND.”

She’s right. I do test like a fiend. I test, on average, about 13 times a day. My little One Touch Ping is always at the ready–I put it, my good old BD poker, and my current canister of test strips on my desk at work every day, so it’s always looking at me and reminding me to test. Other than that, my testing paraphanalia is in my purse, which I keep near me at. all. times. (When we went to stay with friends for Thanksgiving last year, they noticed that my purse was always near me, and if it wasn’t, I was looking for it. Yes, it’s a little strange. But it works for me.)

I generally test around the following times:

*wake up (6/6:30am weekdays, 8am weekends if I’m lucky and Ms. Diva sleeps in)

*when I get back from walking

*before breakfast

*when I get to work (9am-ish)


*before lunch

*after lunch/mid-afternoon

*late afternoon/before driving home from work

*before dinner

*after dinner

*later evening

*before bed (11am weeknights, 12 or 1am weekends)

*in the middle of the night, whenever one of the dogs or Ms. Diva wakes up and wakes us up, because really, if any of them wakes me up, I may as well make good use of it!

I also test during exercise. Whenever Dex the CGM screams at me irrationally, or constantly, or without any rhyme or need other than to just be annoying. If I feel really sick, or am actually RPS (real person sick).

I have been testing on this sort of schedule for about 3 years, since I started thinking about trying to get my HbA1c lower than the 7.4 where it was stuck. The more I test, the easier it is for me to keep the BG lower. I like feeling as good as I do with my current BG average and HbA1c, regardless of how anything else is or isn’t going. So I test like a fiend.


And it works for me.

Your diabetes may vary, of course. Everyone doesn’t have to do what I do.

(After typing the word so many times, the word “test” is kind of bugging me. But it’s what I grew up saying, and it’s still the term I often use. Once in a while, I’ll say “check” my blood. Anyway, it doesn’t usually bother me. Hope you’re okay with it too. I DEFINITELY don’t think any of us succeed or fail by what number our blood “test” says!!!)

Like a FIEND.

Thanks for the help, sweetheart. 😉



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