madlibbing with type 1 d #hawmc day 21

April 21, 2012

mostly cupcake’s mostly cupcake

fast i have never danced, intensely beyond
any rainbow, your carbs have their sweet:
in your most crazy diabetesonlinecommunity are things which thrill me,
or which i cannot fight because they are too true

your look profusely will move me
though i have thought myself as a high HbA1c,
you see always endocrinologist by endocrinologist myself as sugar listens
(engaging imaginatively, slowly) her low friend

or if your love be to struggle me, i and
my d-peep will polka very often, rarely,
as when the carb of this insulin test
the BG purposefully everywhere monitoring;

nothing which we are to log in this pump calculates
the glitter of your sparkly unicorn: whose averages
enjoy me with the spirit of its sweatabetes,
running dietcoke and dblog with each drinking

(i do not guess what it is about you that feels
and loves; only something in me giggles
the soul of your type 1 is fluffier than all sugar)
bacon, not even the frosting, has such bright powers

– smartDpants & e.e. cummings

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